We are focused on using the most modern digital possibilities for the maximum success of your projects. In doing this we implement experience from three decades into the today's digital engineering environment.


We support development processes by providing innovative impulses from the perspective of a full-range supplier. Your idea meets our know-how in terms of mould and plastic-compatible component design. Especially according to ecological and economical criteria, we make the right choice with you in the design of the number of cavities, the mould concept and the hot runner design.


Use of the most modern state-of-the-art simulation tools enables us to offer your projects with certainty of success.

Using MOLDFLOW Insight in full licence, we determine possible component distortions, sink marks, vacuoles, weld lines and other possible defect patterns already in the development phase and reliably exclude them.

In addition, ANSYS AIM / ANSYS LIVE tools are available to us with which we carry out topologies, structural analyses, fluid analyses and thermal analyses if required.

Design engineering

We create constructions exclusively in our own house in 3D using Creo. If the design contains special functions, these are immediately checked for their functionality using appropriate simulation modules. Tolerances are represented by colors on the data surfaces so that no 2D derivation takes place.


We stand for reliability, trust, quality and location loyalty. We follow this path with our employees, customers and suppliers alike.

Manufacturing | Industry 4.0

We manufacture your injection moulding tool exclusively and completely at our location in North Hesse. We use air-conditioned, state-of-the-art machinery in which deep hole drilling and 5-axis HSC simultaneous milling are just as much a matter of course as continuous automation and robot loading systems.

Quality assurance

During production, we measure the contours and components of our injection moulding tools automatically on state-of-the-art optical and tactile measuring machines in order to guarantee you consistent high quality already at the FOT deadline.

Commissioning | Factory Acceptance Test

In order to offer you the highest possible level of safety when starting up in your plant, all injection moulding tools built by us are first tested extensively in our technical centre and fine-tuned by our experienced tool mechanics. Hence we are pleased to carry out acceptance and functional tests together with you in our company.

Tooling concepts

Especially in the field of multi-component technology, we have tool concepts that have been continuously improved and optimized over several decades and with which up to 4 components can be realized

Transfer process

Sandwich process

Swivel platen technology

Turntable technology

Index process

Core-back process


Thinking and acting ecologically - without compromise. Environmental management is an essential and integral part of all processes. We think in cycles for a climate-neutral overall balance.


One team, one goal - CO2 neutrality. We have clearly set ourselves the goal of acting completely CO2-neutral for you. We would like to make this path transparent for you. The main CO2 footprint in the area of plastic injection moulding is caused by electricity consumption. We have decided to generate and consume our own electricity locally.



We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and consider this to be an obligation. With an environmental management system that is strongly based on DIN EN ISO 14001, we implement measures in the interest of the environment.

We currently return 32 different types of recyclable waste to their product cycles, from A like aluminium to Z like zinc.

All heating of our business premises is done by heat recovery from our production facilities. The Europe-wide use of pendulum packaging is possible and desirable at any time in coordination with you.


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